A world free of avoidable deaths of mothers and babies - where the
location and economic status of a woman is irrelevant to access

Our Mission

To improve maternal and child health in Nigeria and across Africa through the provision of safe, affordable, comprehensive delivery kits, training of birth attendants by skilled medical professionals and the provision of simple lifesaving solutions.

We aim to begin a cycle of health and well-being that stretches beyond the homes and the attendants we work with while also strengthening local women’s organisations and community health workers' involvement in health care.


Every mother should be entitled to access to expert health care, regardless of economic status and location, to ensure the health, safety and well-being of herself and her baby.

We believe:

  • The location of a woman at childbirth should never be a predominant factor whether she, and her baby, dies or survives.
  • No baby should grow up without mother’s love.
  • No family should be deprived of having a mother